Technological installations

Technological installations

Comprehensive design execution
Our slogan that we eagerly implement: from design to execution – drawing up a design, or based on the entrusted documentation, we will deliver ready and complete implementation. We will help you optimize the design, owing to which we can shorten the installation time, and thus save your money!
Depending on the design specifications, we perform systems based on manual or semi-automatic welding, but also applying the groove technology that is gaining more and more recognition. Thermal insulation is not a problem for us. We will equip the system with appropriate control and measurement instrumentation, we will build a control system and install the necessary electrical system.
Industrial systems:
  • Process systems
  • Cooling and heating systems for:
    • cooling of machines 
    • process heat
    • ice water Chilling water
    • CHP engine solutions
  • Water and sewage systems:
    • Water treatment plants
    • Sewage pumping stations
Installation and service

Installation and service

Installation and service works are carried out throughout the country and abroad. Our experienced team, supported by appropriate equipment, will complete the entrusted task quickly and efficiently.

We offer assembly and service of:

  • equipment
  • steel structures
  • pressure reservoirs
  • pump assemblies
  • piping
Prefabrication of the pipelines

Prefabrication of the pipelines

We prefabricate pipelines based on documentation or according to the customer's guidelines.

Manufacturing technology:

  • conventional welding (TIG, MAG)
  • orbital welding (DN32-DN150)
  • Victaulic grooved pipe joining system

Finishing of prefabricated elements:

  • glass bead blasting
  • pickling and passivation
  • painting
Pump units

Pump units

We will design a compact system of pump assemblies or coolers built on a common frame with appropriate controls. We will prepare a design that will meet your requirements! The advantages of the assemblies on a common frame, as opposed to the traditional solution, are:

  • compact design
  • convenient transport
  • easy assembly and short installation time


We make reservoirs tailored to the customer requirements, and from any type of steel. Weperform relevant testing and conduct pressure tests.

We carry out finishing and painting or shot/ball peening works

Reservoirs up to a volume of about 5 m³

  • pressure tanks
  • storage tanks
  • aseptic tanks
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See the gallery of our projects
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